Turn-Key Confidence for On-Site and Event Based Medical Services

Led by Dr. Andrew Bazos, a Harvard A.B., Yale M.D., and Columbia-trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine, our team of emergency physicians and public safety experts prescribe and deliver medical services for large gatherings throughout the U.S.

We keep your event Uneventful. From the crowds at your event to the professionals in the first aid tent, our extended medical staff work to keep your event uneventful.  CrowdRx is on call to cover all of your Event Medical Services needs. You can focus on your event, attendees, and talent while we manage your permitting, site planning, staffing, supply, and medical transport needs. Need comprehensive general and professional liability coverage? We’ve got that covered too.

Physician-led or medic-level on-site and event services can be tailored to the size of both your organization and your budget.  We are on call to deliver quality medical services scaled to the unique needs and requirements of each and every site and gathering. We work closely with local Emergency departments to minimize impact on their resources and reduce risk at your location.

Physician-Led Makes the Difference and is Just the Start.

Founded by physicians and staffed by a highly-trained and dedicated network of MDs, paramedics, EMTs, RNs, and other medical support personnel, CrowdRx offers the on-site and event medical services needed to maximize safety and minimize risk.

Our services don’t end with the engagement or your event close. We offer data collection, reporting and post-event recommendations to give you a strategic and tactical advantage with your future events.

We help businesses reopen, stay open, and prepare for the future.

We understand the challenges of safely reopening and keeping your business open. While others are catching up to the realities of doing business during COVID-19, we have been on the scene since 1989 providing large-scale medical care at major venues throughout the country. Representing decades of clinical, field, and logistical experience, our team is prepared to maximize the safety of your workplace and minimize risk for your business.

After successfully supporting our clients in reopening their businesses, we continue to monitor, and anticipate, the latest developments that matter for the safety of the people who work with you. Preparedness is the foundation of all we do.

When it’s time for events, we are here to help keep them safe.

While many large-scale events are on hold, we have the in-depth experience needed for events that are still taking place, and for those planned for the future. With a background including over 15,000 events and the highest of medical credentials, we know how to do this. Physician-led or medic-level on-site and event services are tailored to the size of your organization and your budget. We are on call to deliver quality medical services scaled to the unique needs and requirements of every site and gathering.


On-Site and Event Medical

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