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CrowdRx is a leader in providing disease screening and compliance for corporate workplaces, construction sites, television/film sets, factories, schools, government installations, events, and other locations requiring risk mitigation for the spread of transmissible diseases including COVID-19. Services are strategically-customized for every client and location.

Advanced Screening
CrowdRx offers automated, trackable systems to allow people coming to your site, including employees, visitors, and attendees, to self-assess and check-in prior to arrival. Our wellness questionnaires and screening apps help limit anyone from entering your location who is symptomatic or has been exposed to communicable illnesses such as COVID-19.

Fever Screening
CrowdRx Fever Screening, both Passive and Active systems and approaches, provide confidence that your location is covered for accurately identifying individuals with above-normal body temperatures and systemic fevers signaling possible COVID-19, common influenza, norovirus, SARS, and other flu variants.

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CrowdRx COVID-19 Compliance Officers

We efficiently and effectively help you meet the latest guidelines for the safe resumption of your business, event or venue. In addition to enhanced medical services including temperature screening and wellness questionnaires, many companies have mandated the creation of a new position: a COVID-19 Compliance Officer. The duties of this new position are critical to protecting employees, visitors and participants. Without a CrowdRx COVID Compliance Officer, business often cannot resume.

As a leader and innovator in screening and testing for COVID-19, CrowdRx deploys highly-trained medics with access to the latest technology to help get you back to work safely. The current guidelines for COVID-19 are specific and require the know-how of an established healthcare provider with comprehensive, turn-key, end-to-end coverage capabilities. Our Compliance Officer program offers just that.




Deterrent to individuals considering traveling with un-diagnosed symptoms of fever
Flexibility in escalation of screening protocols due to level of risk
Reassurance for other travelers that could be exposed.

We deploy thermal imaging as a first-level mass fever screening tool. It is sensitive and accurate for identifying individuals with above-normal temperatures and systemic fevers. This screening generally provides little or no inconvenience or interruption of movement for most people being screened. Our thermal imaging systems are operated by highly-trained technicians who work hand-in-hand with our physician-led staff.

CrowdRx Fever Screening works by comparing people’s skin temperatures against an average set temperature.

Note: This system will only detect above-normal body temperatures that are typically associated with fevers. It will not detect early stages of infection.




Focused on the individual
Higher accuracy
Follow up to scanning where required
Controls flow of entrants
Can be performed anywhere

Our Active Fever Screening Systems are deployed as stand-alone services or for secondary screening in conjunction with our Passive Fever Screening Systems. Our experienced team of screening technicians, led by an emergency physician, conduct active fever screening. CrowdRx’s physician-led approach to all our services, including Passive and Active Fever Screening, ensures the utmost care provided to individuals.

Designed by physicians, our active screening process doesn’t end at the site. For individuals who have been screened as having a fever, our optional telehealth follow-up consultation is unique in the industry.

Note: Active scanning services can be provided independently of our Passive Scanning services.

CrowdRx Fever Scan Deployment

  • Fever screening stations are self-contained and portable, so they can be set up in temporary locations very quickly.
  • Single units can operate as primary mass screening stations or secondary screening stations.
  • Multiple stations are typically deployed for high volume traffic, with the additional units designated as secondary screening stations.


  • Universities
  • Military facilities
  • Airports
  • Borders
  • Government facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Ports
  • Prisons
  • Schools
  • Shopping malls
  • Concerts
  • Sporting events

Any large gatherings of people, conferences or meetings in public places.

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Passive Fever Screening in Action