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Turning the corner

Right now, vaccine verification in the US is a moving target.
We know how difficult – if not impossible – it is for our clients to manage to understand the new rules and technologies involved. Without a centralized, federal verification program or system, CrowdRx is helping our clients implement the very best vaccination and screening solutions for their events and venues. We utilize a proven mix of planning, reporting with medical and healthcare professionals along with cutting-edge technologies. That’s why CrowdRx is at the forefront of the industry for clients that require vaccination verification as a requirement for entry or participation in their place of business, venue or event.

Bringing peace of mind to our clients

Many states are working with their own distinct process for verification and having experience in all 50 states, CrowdRx can lead the effort for your compliance in health and privacy matters for your staff, employees, attendees and visitors. Our unique, physician-led approach to event medical services puts us squarely ahead of our competitors in providing critical and dependable solutions for your needs.

We have deployed a mission critical mobile app that will invite attendees, staff and participants to use a frictionless Q & A process where the correct answers will allow admittance with an entry pass for review. We can also advise the public to seek treatment or consultation with any of our compliance officers and medical staff.

Another solution in our broad base of services

Our deep experience working directly with Federal, State and Municipal governments is a distinct advantage that we put to work for our clients. Our compliance officers who cut their teeth overseeing our clients’ COVID-19 testing and screening needs have added our vaccine verification services to their ever-expanding toolbox of solutions. Our teams can also provide all our traditional COVID-19 testing, negative result verification and screening services, along with our event medical and mobile solutions to our clients requiring verification services. This one stop shopping eliminates your having to coordinate multiple vendors as one call to us will take care of your planning and execution needs.

Vaccine Verification Stations

  • Often combined with our comprehensive screening and testing services

  • Physician-led and staffed by healthcare and medical professionals

  • Using mix of technologies and proven methods of interactive questionnaires

  • Working with the public to inform and educate for peace of mind


  • Sporting Events

  • Festivals

  • Concerts

  • Film Sets

  • Television Production

  • Businesses

  • Corporate and School Campuses

  • Military Facilities

  • Airports

  • Borders

  • Government Facilities

  • Hospitals

  • Ports

  • Prisons

  • Schools

  • Shopping Malls

Any large gatherings of people, conferences or meetings in public places.

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