Mobile Solutions for Your Needs


CrowdRx, as part of the GMR (Global Medical Response) family, offers exceptional mobile medical solutions. Our services span deploying a technologically-advanced, full-scale mobile emergency room, as well as providing medical air transports, ambulances, and ATVs for extreme medical response situations. Given our role with parent company GMR, a global organization with 38,000 employees that delivers quality medical care in the areas of emergency and patient relocation services, our resources are nearly limitless.

Large-scale Mobile Emergency Room
Surges happen. Whether there is a hurricane, tornado, or an act of terrorism, you must be prepared to provide continuous medical care. When infrastructure is damaged or capacity diminished, the need for surge relief is immediate and may last for weeks. CrowdRx’s RAMPART, a mobile emergency room that provides immediate access to critical care, is the solution.

This versatile unit is primarily used for major event coverage but can also be used to temporarily replace or supplement a hospital emergency department. It provides robust medical care at the site of a disaster or major event.

Contact CrowdRx

for Deployment For more information about the RAMPART Mobile Emergency Room, email For 24-hour emergency response, call 888.912.7693 and request activation of the CrowdRx RAMPART Mobile Emergency Room.

CrowdRx RAMPART Capabilities and Requirements


  • RAMPART travels as a 53-foot tractor trailer plus additional support vehicles and smaller trailers.
  • It is a 1,000-square-foot medical care trailer, equipped and staffed to manage minor to severe emergency medical conditions.
  • RAMPART can be operational within 60 minutes of arrival onsite.
  • It is completely self-sustaining for the first 72 hours using generators or local shore power.
  • Emergency medical supplies travel with the fleet.
  • It includes fifteen beds total, four with critical care capabilities.
    Expandable Western Shelter tents can significantly enhance surge capability.


  • Hard surface, preferably a concrete pad, although asphalt is possible
  • The footprint of the hospital trailer only, without the deployable tent, is 120 x 35 feet, plus nearby space to park the accompanying supply unit
  • In the unusual event that the tent should be deployed to increase capacity for patient care, dormitory, or other uses, that footprint would be 120 x 120 feet
  • Additional boot connector available to integrate seamlessly with other disaster or regional response teams utilizing tent-based facilities

Also in Our Fleet

  • CRX 32 – This 12 foot trailer is perfect to 1 to 3 day events to provide in field medical support.
  • CRX 20 thru 28 – Our fleet of specially outfitted Polaris vehicles that can go anywhere. Includes stretcher hookups and our 6 passenger versions.
  • CRX 33 – Our Mobile Command Center bumper-pull trailor.
  • CRX 34 – Goose Neck Shelter and Mobile Scene Support unit. Carries our Western Shelters and can serve as our extensive Mobile Pharmacy.
  • Dormitory facilities (44-foot and 20-foot equipment trailers plus tow vehicles)
  • Western Shelter Tents, with custom trailer boots
  • Bike Track Flooring
  • 5 Ton HVAC Units
  • EMS SUVs for supervisor and staff transportation

Ground Transport

With our own vehicles and as part of GMR (Global Medical Response), our ground transport capabilities will meet your every requirement. Whether you need our rugged ATV transports, Supervisor SUVs or Ambulances, our staff can reach and treat patients wherever they are.

ATV and Ambulance

As part of the GMR (Global Medical Response) family of companies, CrowdRx has access to the largest fleet of ambulances and transport vehicles in the country, providing effective and dependable standby services wherever you need them. Under the direction of physicians, crew members are cross-trained to provide specialty care and transport in places where people gather.

Air Transport

As part of GMR (Global Medical Response), our air solution capabilities are unmatched in the industry. Well-grounded in critical care, our expert flight staff accompany and care for patients while transported around the world. Through GMR, we partner with the leading air transport providers in the US and the world.


For those in need of advanced emergency health care and rapid medical transport, we provide helicopter air ambulance services through the nation’s preeminent provider. Crews consisting of a pilot, a flight nurse, and a flight paramedic are on duty seven days a week to respond to the scene of a medical emergency or transport patients between medical facilities. 

Fixed Wing

We offer unparalleled medical care and bedside-to-bedside transportation with some of the most experienced air medical crews in the industry. Our fixed-wing partner owns and operates a fleet of fully-customized and permanently medically-configured jets, while employing its own expertly-trained dispatch, flight, and medical teams.