What Sets Us Apart from the Competition.

We own and operate all of our own equipment as well as have staff positioned and available at a moments notice.

Sometimes your medical services requirements don’t fit in a nice, neat box. You may need large scale mobile equipment, you may need remote location services that other companies would not even attempt to cover. You need a Custom Critical Solution.

Our event and on-site coverage is always led by a physician, ensuring the best results for you. Staffed by an expansive network of MDs, paramedics, EMTs, RNs, and other medical support personnel, CrowdRx provides a full range of event medical services, including screening, urgent care, planning, permitting, staffing, supply, medical transport needs, first aid tents, and more. We work closely with local emergency departments to minimize impact on their resources and reduce risk at your venue. Our event medical services are tailored to the unique needs and requirements of your organization, site, and budget.

By having all of this at our immediate disposal, Crowdrx can tailor a Custom Critical Solution for your medical services needs faster and more effectively than our competition. Let us show you the CrowdRx difference!

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Just Some Examples of Our Custom Critical Solutions

Mobile Medical Solutions

In the hopefully rare cases when you need it, we provide advanced mobile medical solutions. Our services span deploying a technologically-advanced, full-scale mobile emergency room, to providing medical air transports, ambulances, and ATVs for medical response situations.

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